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Happycats is located within the rural setting of Montgibaud in the Corrézien countryside, 10 mins from exit 42 on the A20. Our amply sized enclos are situated inside a purpose built converted area of our stone barn. With views over the neighbouring towns of Lubersac and Pompadour, we offer Standard, Standard Plus and a Family enclos for the larger feline family. Happycats has the required facility of heating and we always ensure cats are comfortable in periods of extreme hot or cold weather conditions. We also have access to an outside run from the Family enclos for the most agile and adventurous but all guests have a window seat to admire the view and the daily coming and going. All enclos are fully equipped for all your cats’ needs and we have daily close contact with all our visitors as and when required. Registered and regulated with the DDCSPP (previously DDSV) and awarded the Certificate of Capacity N° 19-AC-2011-08.

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Happycats se trouve  dans la commune de Montgibaud dans la campagne Corrézienne, a 10mn de la sortie 42 sur l’A20. Nos box se trouvent a l’interieur d’une ancienne grange en pierre modernisee et adaptee a cet effet.  La propriete a une vue sur les villes avoisinantes, Lubersac et Pompadour. Nous offrons le service Standard (max 2 chats), Standard Plus (max 3 chats) ou box Famille (max 6 chats). Les locaus de Happycats sont chauffes et nous assurons le confort des chats pendant les periods de grands froids ou de canicule.  Si votre animal le desire, nous offrons enclos exterieurs communiquant avec les box Famille, et tous les box disposent d’une vue exterieure sur la propriete. Tous les box sont equipes pour les besoins quotidiens des chats et nous visitons nos pensionnaires regulierement et souvent.  Nous sommes  enregsitres aupres du DDCSPP (anciennement DDSV) at avons obtenu le certificat de capacite N°19-AC-2011-08.

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When calling, if you do not get the answer machine and/or get a call back from us within 24 hrs PLEASE EMAIL happycatscontact@gmail.com

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Please do not hestitate to ask if we have spaces for your planned dates. Any info relating to availability will be noted here:-


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New Regulations which start 1st January 2015 state that any medication or treatment to be given to your cat must be accompanied by the Prescription issued by your Vet.


French law (article L212-10 du code rural et de la pêche maritime) states that all cats born on or after 1st January 2012 or 7 months old on this date must be microchipped.


Carnet de Vaccination and/or Passports must be up to date and show the microchip/tattoo number.You must bring these documents for each stay.


Before boarding with happycats kittens need their initial injections and 3 to 4 weeks later, after they have the 2nd injections, they will be protected and able to check in. This procedure applies to cats where there has been a lapse in vaccination. Please see our terms & conditions relating to requirements.


Please keep the bedding you bring in a separate carrier and not in the travel basket, just in case of any unscheduled toilet breaks.


All food and edibles must be brought in a sealed container. It is a good idea that all toys etc also fit in this container.


Males over 6 months old must be neutered.


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Lun-Sam 10h00-12h00 14h00-18h00

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Heures d'arrivée et de départ doivent être organisées à l'avance. Arrivée/ depart en dehors des heures d'ouverture et jours entrainera la facturation d'une journee supplementaire, min tarif €10.

Visites sur rendez-vous

Lun-Sam 14h00–18h00 Seulement.

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The happycats Cattery

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